Thursday, February 09, 2012

So what's so great about traditional marriage?

Traditional marriage as proscribed in the bible.


K T Cat said...

These kinds of things always remind me of the stuff creationists use to try to disprove the age of the Earth or evolution. They're cherry-picked tidbits done by people who have no idea at all what they're talking about. In the end, you don't end up convinced, only saddened.

Over at Egnorance, there's a couple of standard atheist commenters who throw out single sentences from Deuteronomy or Leviticus or something like that and say "Christians support slavery!" It makes you realize that they actually know far less than you do. You know the science just like them, but they have no grasp at all of the theology.

Having it on someone else's blog allowed me to abstract myself from the emotions of the situation and see what was going on.

Captcha word: "fisty". I kid you not. There's a good one for this topic. Fisting. It's just like hetero sex only with fists. And anuses.


K T Cat said...

OK, I finally looked into it. Here's the deal:

The Old Testament

The Old Testament is an indispensable part of Sacred Scripture. Its books are divinely inspired and retain a permanent value, for the Old Covenant has never been revoked.

Indeed, "the economy of the Old Testament was deliberately so oriented that it should prepare for and declare in prophecy the coming of Christ, redeemer of all men." "Even though they contain matters imperfect and provisional," the books of the Old Testament bear witness to the whole divine pedagogy of God's saving love: these writings "are a storehouse of sublime teaching on God and of sound wisdom on human life, as well as a wonderful treasury of prayers; in them, too, the mystery of our salvation is present in a hidden way."

Meanwhile, modern Man has thrown away traditional morality. How's that working out for you? (Each dot represents a US state.)

I get it that some people want to hate on organized religion. But people who hate both organized religion and mathematics are simply barbarians. You can care about the poor or you can be a libertine. You can't do both. If you don't want to draw from 6,000 years of validated teachings, at least use math.

Kelly the little black dog said...

Humm "fisty" should have been the word for my Santorum post.

This is exactly the problem with literal interpretation of the bible. Far too many conservatives and religious leader make the argument against gays based on what is in Leviticus. But if you followed what was in Leviticus and other parts of the old testament there would be a lot of stoning for offenses like adultery, slavery, polygamous marriage, and eating yummy shellfish. These conservative speakers and religious leaders are the ones who cherry pick to support their biases.

There is a significant trend in modern Christian thought that basically says that what it means to be a Christian is spelled out in the sermon on the mound. And there is nothing about gays there.