Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Cult of Mac

This sort of sums up the current arrogant attitude of Apple. The company that branded itself through their think different campaign has more and more become the company of do it our way because we know best.

Clearly this business model continues to be successful for them, but increasing one can hear grumbling from their the power users and creative types who aren't in the market for an Internet appliance, but who actually try to do work with their machines. Unfortunately these users are increasingly being seen by Apple as unimportant niche markets that they will no longer cater too.

What we'll do at that point isn't clear, since the alternatives such as Windows and Linux are unsatisfactory. So I suppose we'll just put up with the abusive relationship.


K T Cat said...

Why is Windows unsatisfactory? I would agree that MS Office is, but Win 7 does just fine providing life support systems for my Adobe CS5.

Kelly the little black dog said...

Windows is unsatisfactory because I want a unix based operating system. But I also need to run office, illustrator, and photoshop, so that rules out Linux. Yes there are open source versions of those, but work requires 100% compatibility, so that rules out the non-brand name alternatives.

Now there is a way to open a window in linux that pretends to be a windows environment, but while it isn't as bad as dual booting, it is just a major pain.

So I'm back to Mac OSX. I do see that for my personal devices the difference between windows and iOS is increasingly becoming smaller.

K T Cat said...

I think OS and platform differences are overblown. My Win7 systems are really stable and they can do everything I need them to do.

Kelly the little black dog said...

I'm definitely a proponent of letting people use what makes them most productive.

I've been very impressed with the stability of my wife's machine running XP. That said, many things don't work as seemlessly, such as setting up printers and connecting to wireless networks. That is specifically a place were the mac OS excels. But that said, I have no experience with the latest Windows OS, so they very well may have fixed these issues.