Sunday, May 09, 2010


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Jon takes Apple to task for becoming the evil empire it originally railed against.


K T Cat said...

On a related note - I've watched with some interest the fight between Adobe and Apple over Flash. I'm beginning to understand Apple's side of the discussion.

1. Flash can be an entry point for viruses and Apple wants to be perfectly safe at all times.

2. Flash allows you to sell your apps across all platforms. If the iPhone ran Flash, then the Flash apps on the iPhone would be immediately available on Android devices, ending Apple's competitive advantage. After all, my Droid can do everything an iPhone can do, it just doesn't have that huge library of apps. Yet.

Kelly the little black dog said...

I think people are a bit surprised at how heavy handed Apple has been lately. it become clear they don't see a future in any kind of open platform. They've practically abandoned their OS and moved to custom chips and OS's for their hand held devices. For now it hasn't hurt them, but I wonder if that will change soon.

K T Cat said...

If it hurts them, it will be because Google takes them on, not Microsoft. I'm no Apple fan, but I certainly appreciate their position.