Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A Week, A Month, A Year, Half Your Life

KT Cat over at the The Scratching Post has a game called A Week, A Month, A Year, Half Your Life. Participants pick four places on the globe and explain where they would spend a week, a month, a year, and half of their lifetime.

1 week: Antarctica
I've always wanted to see the southern continent, but I think a week there is enough to see and experience what I want to see and experience.

(Photo courtesy of NOAA)

1 month: Japan
I've always wanted to experience a culture completely different from my own. Japan fits that bill. I'd love most to see the historical, cultural and religious sites, and to see the Cherry blossom festival.
(Photo courtesy of tourism site)

1 year: Chile/Patagonia
There is a lot of see in the southern continent. We spent two weeks there and barely scratched the surface. A year would also let us see the change of seasons on the landscape.

(Personal image)

1/2 life: SF
For the remainder of my life it was a toss up between two very different places; San Francisco and Taos. SF is an exciting city and is unlike anything else on the west coast. Its also close to many wonderful places and has a moderate climate. The only problem is that it is completely unaffordable! But since the game assumes you'll have a way to live there, I'll pick the city.

(Photo courtesy of Rick Lee)

Anyone else can play. Just pick four places on the globe. The first you will stay at for a week, the second for a month, the third for a year and the last one you will live half your life. You can add photos or text if you want to illustrate why you would live there or you can just give one word responses. Link back to this post in your response. Let me know when your answers are up and I'll link back to you.

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K T Cat said...

What, no Ulan Bator?


The link back is scheduled for this evening. Thanks for playing.