Monday, January 15, 2007

A call to boycott J.C. Penney over dog fur

In a previous post I talked about the practice of using canine-fur as jacket trim on products made in China. While the use of raccoon dog fur is not in itself illegal, these jackets were illegally labeled as made with fake or raccoon fur. Once Macy's became aware of the mislabeling, they did the right thing and pulled all the jackets from their stores. J.C. Penney, unfortunately, after initially pulling these barbaric products, has returned then to their racks after hand correcting the labels. Their reasoning is that the animal isn't really a domestic dog and that foxes are canines too. That logic is has a fatal flaw. Wolves, coyotes, and African dogs are also canines and are also not domestic, but civilized people don't cover themselves with the fur of these animals. Penney's is making a bad call and they should be punished for it. So we encourage everyone to join a boycott against the company and to let them know what you think of their actions.

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K T Cat said...

In Russia they wore the fur of anything that moved, particularly in hat form. You could tell the loser Yanks, because we had all gone for the cheap rabbit fur. Real Russians wore bear or sable or mink hats. We were too stupid to tell the difference. The guy I was with was hassled at the Astrkahn hotel by a Russian who noticed he was a dumb yank with a rabbit hat.