Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Faux fur jackets produced in China for Macy's made with Dog fur

Another case of the inhumane treatment of animals in China. This last week, Macy's discovered that two styles of Sean John hooded jackets advertised as featuring faux fur actually were made from dog fur. Also see here. The jackets, made in China, where labeled as containing fur from Raccoons and Coyotes. Tests by the Humane Society of the United States determined that the fur was actually from a species of dog called a "raccoon dog." It is know in the industry that fur sourced from China comes from domestic dogs and cats, which are killed in gruesome ways. It is estimated that two million cats and dogs are killed in China by fur traders each year and that generally the clothing industry turns a blind eye on the practice.

The Humane Society is calling on Congress to amend the Dog and Cat Protection Act, which bans the sale of dog or cat fur in the United States, to also ban the sale of raccoon dog fur.

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