Friday, March 25, 2011

Southern Hospitality

Police: Mississippi Neighbors Shoot At Each Other Over Defecating Dog

I do NOT miss living in the south!

JACKSON, Miss. -- An argument between two armed neighbors over a dog and its feces escalated to a shootout in rural Mississippi, sending one neighbor to the hospital with injuries from shotgun pellets and the other neighbor to jail.
Blasingame told the AP that they argued because Tenhet shot his dog last week and threatened to kill him and his dog "over poop."

Tenhet denies shooting the dog: "I said 'Jerry, your dog ain't even dead. He said 'Just meet me at the levee and I'll shoot you down.'"

Blasingame said he got a gun and left the house in his truck, hoping Tenhet would follow so there would be no confrontation in front of bystanders.

Read the rest at the Huff Post.

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K T Cat said...

You haven't met the dogs that live next door to us. I'm about to go all Robert E. Lee on them.