Sunday, May 11, 2008

Clinton's three point campaign

Hillary's top three reasons why the super delegates should vote for her. She's
  • a sore loser,
  • a racist,
  • and has no ethics.

Here is a link to Hillary's statement to the press.


K T Cat said...

Err, how do you figure that Hillary's supporters are racist? Who's got the supporters that are voting in the most racially uniform bloc?

Kelly the dog said...

Actually I don't believe her supporters necessarily are, but I wonder if she thinks they are. She and her supporters have gone out of their way to use language that comes off sounding like they think they are. Following the last primary they kept talking about her being the candidate of uninformed white voters. Not a particularly complementary description of your supporters. And they went on to say that she and only she will get their votes in the general election.

And as for Obama, the black community was originally pretty hostile toward him. The black power brokers were strongly behind Hillary until things started switch after the South Carolina primary. So he didn't start out as the black candidate. It took the two Clinton's making insulting remarks to make him so.

K T Cat said...

After reading the curriculum for the Columbia J-School I have a much lower opinion of the press than before, and it was pretty low then. I think there's a pack mentality to the whole thing and they all run with the same narrative. In this case it's white, dim-bulb racists voting against Barack.

Meanwhile, blacks go for Barack 92-8. Go do Student's t-test on that one and tell me what it means.


Dr. Zaius said...

I had only see clips. Very funny! It's a comedy show, it's not meant to be taken realistically.