Thursday, March 06, 2008

Is your State In a Recession?

Seems Colorado is doing pretty well. Even the local housing market is going up.

Go to USA Today for an interactive map showing information by region within a state.


Dr. Zaius said...

What a great find! Excellant. Sorry that I have not been around in while.

K T Cat said...

Excellent post! Now if we could only legislate away the business cycle.

Note: Some socialist countries have done this successfully. They've replaced the business cycle with perpetual stagnation or decline.

Kelly the dog said...

Dr. Z welcome back.

KT, now i didn';t say anything about how the economy got that way. I thought it was interesting to see what areas are experiencing a slowdown - broken down into counties, and what weren't. Seems Colorado isn't seeing much change, while California is. We're also not seeing the big downturn in the housing market here that I hear about from those I know in the central valley.