Sunday, August 05, 2007

Colorado Moose

Today I'm taking a slight diversion from photos of South Dakota to share some photos I took yesterday in the Indian Peaks wilderness just north west of Denver.

Here's a shot of Brainard Lake a the end of the road.

Here's Kelly inspecting the local wildlife.

Following a strange sound near the lake brought us upon this single adolescent male.

Getting a little closer we discovered a total of three.

Ironically we spent four days along the norther border of the state looking for Moose - seeing none - and stumbled upon these three virtually right out our back door.


K T Cat said...

Wow! A whole gaggle of meese! Are these the first you've ever seen?

Kelly the dog said...

Yup! Amazing creatures, and huge! We spent the better half of a week up on the WY/CO border looking for them and only found scat. Everywhere we went, they'd just been there and we'd just missed them. So it was quite a surprise to find them closer to home.

Jacob the Syrian Hamster said...


Laurie from denver said...

I was at the same place on Sunday, and saw the same three moose. We picniced at the pond, and they came to us. We spent about 2 hours with them. It was so beautiful.