Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Camping with Kelly

We took the little black dog to the mountains last weekend. We went camping in the Colorado state Forest, which is known for its Moose viewing. We of course once again saw no Moose.

Of course the squirrel enemy was everywhere.

But unlike the city squirrels, these mountain squirrels had no idea who they were playing with!

They'd scamper up a tree to get away from her, but the dog didn't leave.

They'd come down to see if she was still there and she'd chase them back up the tree. She still can't climb trees too well, but continues to try.


Evil Spock said...

Colorado is such beautiful country. Has Kelly ever actually caught a squirrel?

Dr. Zaius said...

The tent looks plenty big enough for Kelly. Where do you guys sleep?

K T Cat said...

Squirrels are evil. We discovered this when they were reputed to have tried to wreck our recent Carnival of the Cats.

I liked the firesidepicture, too.

Kelly the dog said...

Evil Spock: Fortunately no she's never caught one. Given how she treats her stuffed animals it would be a frightening outcome. Around here we also have to worry about them carrying plague infested fleas.

Dr. Z: Well she usually lets us have the part of the tent with our sleeping bags, but not always.

KT: Yes squirrels are evil, and they say things about your mother.