Sunday, May 20, 2007

Five Thought Provoking Blogs

As part of being nominated for the Thinking Blogger Award I need to choose five blogs that I find thought provoking. I don't read too many independent blogs on a regular basis. Mostly I check out the professional blogs - Huffington Post, This Modern World, Bob Harris, and then I check out a few independent blogs that I read regularly. Many of these regulars have already been nominated, and since I've decided to go with long with Zaius Nation's choice not to nominate sites that have already been nominated, that leaves a pretty eclectic mix.

1.The Scratching Post has to be number one, because KT's blog is what inspired me to blog. I've known KT for half my life. While he's often infuriating, I've benefited from his challenge to my perspectives, and surprised myself on how much we can agree on.

2.David Brin is a science and hard science fiction writer I met my first year in college. At the time he was promoting his first book, Sun Diver. I've enjoyed his keen mind and thoughtful analysis ever sense.

3.Red State Son has anger issues, but then again if you're not pissed off, you're not paying attention. He blogs about culture, politics and his personal life.

4.Rick Lee is a commercial photographer who lives in Charleston, West Virginia, but photographs just about everywhere. His photo blog doesn't have much text, but the images are usually worth the time.

5.Real climate I had a hard time thinking of a fifth blog, so I cheated a bit and listed something bordering on a professional blog. Real climate is a great clearing house of information about clime research, but geared toward a general audience.


Rick Lee said...

Wow... thanks!

K T Cat said...

Infuriating? Nonsense. I'm just reminding you of the need for the release of certain endorphins from time to time.

Really, it's for your own good.

And thank you by the way.

Good God, has it really been half our lives? By Jove, I think it's been closer to 2/3!