Tuesday, November 22, 2011

More Republican Debate

10:31 Someone told Herman there are mountains in Iran.

10:32 Ron Paul, no foreign entanglements.

10:35 Newt give up our addiction to foreign oil.

10:41 Man on Dog is makes some sense about foreign aid.

10:44 Mitt is looking uncomfortable with Ron Paul telling truth.

10:47 Newt proves he doesn't understand technology. He seems to be a lean sigma six fan. He keeps bringing it up.

10:49 Huntsman sounds like a pragmatist.

11:01 Perry, Texas, Texas, Texas, and Texas.

11:11 Man on Dog, no compromise!

11:13 Newt, wants to follow the Chilian model for social security reform.

11:16 clean coal propaganda.

Enough for tonight.


K T Cat said...

Who is Man on Dog?

I haven't watched more than 15 minutes, total, of these debates. 30 second answers? Please. Right now, my preference is:

1. Newt
2. Cain
3. Perry
4. (gag) Romney

I just can't see Romney getting the nomination. Those of us on the right despise him.

Kelly the little black dog said...

Actually you'd be surprised what can be said in such a short answer period. Its telling as to who has though about the questions and who is scrambling to answer.

I honestly don't see why Huntsman isn't getting more traction. He's smarter than Mitt, and is nowhere as much the sleazy opportunist.

K T Cat said...

Huntsman will never, ever win. I have no idea who suggested to him it would be a good idea to run or why he is still being invited to the debates. The guy who gets great reviews, but won't get traction unless Newt falls apart is Santorum. He would be the next in line for the Not Romney chair. I don't think that's going to happen. I think Newt's going to win.

Kelly the little black dog said...

I get the idea that Huntsman doesn't stand a chance, but I'm not certain why he doesn't have a better shot.