Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Live Blogging Republican Debate

10:01 Ron Paul rules! Only one who stands up for our personal liberties.

10:03 Newt can barely contain himself listening to Ron Paul.

10:06 So Mr. Man on Dog Thinks we need a police state.

10:10 Ron Paul is rolling his eyes at Cain. Classic.

10:12 I like Huntsman. Clearly the most intelligent one on the stage.

10:14 Bachman just can't answer a question can she.

10:15 Perry, kill them all and let god sort it out!

10:16 Bachman, Perry is naive.

10:18 Mitt, throw good money after bad into central Asia.

10:21 Huntsman is making sense again. He's taking on Mitt and running circles around him.

10:23 Mitt is being petulant again.

10:24 Newt is pontificating again. He needs to read the news, were already doing what he says we need to do.

10:25 Man on Dog agrees with Ron Paul again.

10:26 Selling crap.

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