Tuesday, November 29, 2011

All aboard!


K T Cat said...

Hey, I thought sexual misdeeds were off the table! That's what we learned from Bill!


Kelly the little black dog said...

I think Mark Sanford, John Ensign, David Vitter, Larry Craig, Eliot Spitzer, and last, but not least that scumbag John Edwards, would disagree.

There were so many reasons to dislike the Clintons, this one doesn't even make the top ten. One difference is that Slick Willie never claimed to be all pure and family values like. Anyone who was paying any sort of attention knew what he was before the election. And compared to the rest of the list, Bill was a saint.

I don't particularly care that Newt decided to have an affair, but how he treated his first wife, e.g. serving divorce papers while she's recovering from cancer surgery, shows a strong flaw in his character. He's a smug prick that doesn't care about anyone but himself.

K T Cat said...

The serving divorce papers while she was in the hospital story is a myth. Newt's daughter has taken that one apart and she was there.

The amazing thing to me is that the press knows it's a myth and works to perpetuate it.