Sunday, May 25, 2008

A dark soul

Michael Goodwin from the New York Daily News had this to say about Clinton's latest comments.

SICK. Disgusting. And yet revealing. Hillary Clinton is staying in the race in the event some nut kills Barack Obama...

We have seen an X-ray of a very dark soul. One consumed by raw ambition to where the possible assassination of an opponent is something to ponder in a strategic way. Otherwise, why is murder on her mind?

Seems that SNL had it right after all.

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K T Cat said...

I saw an interesting thought on another blog where it said that Obama can't pick Hillary for VP because no one can control the Clintons. They'd be out of their boxes in no time at all, running about and causing mischief.

I just finished reading one of Michelle Obama's stump speeches. I was struck by three things.

1. She is immensely ungrateful. We all loaned her money so she could go to school and she never says "Thanks."

2. The Obamas are either just as power hungry as the Clintons or simply dim beyond all measure. All of her complaints about "shifting bars" is something that can apply to any of the first world nations. Labor competition from China and India have held wages stagnant everywhere. It's just reality. To suggest that something can be done to change this is idiocy. Many nations have gone bankrupt in the past trying to alter reality. Which leads to ...

3. The Obama campaign is fundamentally reactionary. Michelle's stump speech yearns for the past. There's no looking towards the future, there's just an endless complaint about the present and a constant theme of how things are getting worse. The bar is shifting and moving and won't someone keep the bar still so we can all reach it and relax and things can be like they used to be. Change is the exact opposite of what Obama wants unless "change" means going back to what once was.

There's a blog post in all of this...