Monday, September 11, 2006

Not Forgotten

Today is the anniversary of the September 11th attacks. I remember the sight of that plane hitting the world trade center on CNN. I was visiting New Mexico and had the tv on while I dressed. The sight made me sick. I can't image what the people of New York felt.

While there is still a national debate whether or not the country is on the right path, I think everyone can agree that today is a day for a remembrance of the dead. The scratching post has a nice post about a tribute to the victims of 911 called project 2,996.

This weekend I attended a lecture by the photo journalist Nanette Martin. She has spent most of the recent part of her career covering natural and unnatural disasters. She got to know many in the NY/NJ Port Authority Police department while she covered Ground Zero. The port authority lost 30% of their officers on that day. Many who survived are now sick with cancer and respiratory ailments. They feel forgotten. She has produced a special edition of her book "The Thousand Mile Stare: Images from Ground Zero" to present to the officers and their families so that they will know that they are not forgotten.

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