Monday, April 24, 2006

We have snow today! Moving Republican Glaciers on Climate Change.

This morning when I awoke to patrol the back yard for squirrels, I was greeted with a frosting of snow to play in. This, after a beautiful weekend of sunshine and warm temperatures. For some reason my humans objected to my tracking mud into the house, so I wasn't let out again for the rest of the morning.

So I checked out the news this morning and was surprised to read that some Republican leaders are beginning to accept climate change. Republican representative Bob Inglis was quoted as saying that it is time for republicans to reclaim their heritage as conservationists. Also this weekend the Govenator stated that he believes that the evidence for climate change is conclusive and wants to see stronger incentives for fuel-efficient vehicles. Even energy company executives are considering caps on carbon emissions. At a recent Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee meeting, six of the eight representatives present said they would either welcome or accept mandatory caps on their greenhouse-gas emissions. Most surprisingly, a group of Evangelical Leaders have seen the light. Rick Warren, author of the best seller The Purpose-Driven Life. was quoted as saying many of us have required considerable convincing before becoming persuaded that climate change is a real problem and that it ought to matter to us as Christians. But now we have seen and heard enough. So why the sudden change of heart? Some have suggested that the energy companies are becoming concerned about their potential liability for a warmer climate. Others have suggested the companies simply want consistent national legislation. Regardless of their motivation, it is a welcome change. Perhaps it is a sign of a decrease in american anti-intellectualism and a greater trust in science. But I'm not holding my breath.

For more information concerning recent predictions of climate change see this UPI story which in expanded form is found here. And finely, Salon has an interesting article about how the mainstream media censors the reporting of climate change as part of weather reporting.

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